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Voltt 3D 9H Car Ceramic

Voltt 3D 9H Car Ceramic

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Based on the independently developed 3D 9H technology, VOLTT Car Care offers a product range that has been specially developed to meet the highest demands and needs of professional customers. The 3D 9H molecules are precursors of ceramic and hybrid materials. They consist of silicon, nitrogen and hydrogen as well as organic components such as carbon. These extremely high-performance polymers have a low viscosity and are free of fluorine and solvents. An additional thermoplastic component that is used forms a highly hydrophobic, flexible, cross-linked matrix coating that has exceptional hardness, weather resistance and resistance to chemicals. Due to its composition, VOLTT 3D 9H adheres permanently to the surface and guarantees long-lasting protection. VOLTT 3D 9H noticeably increases the paint hardness of the treated surfaces. The layer thickness of 3D 9H in combination with the sophisticated spatial structure of the 3D 9H matrix give the coating very good resistance to mechanical abrasion, which is caused, for example, by frequent washing.

  • Long-lasting protection
  • Increases the hardness of the paint
  • Very resistant to mechanical abrasion
  • Outstanding protection against alkaline and acidic cleaners
  • Extremely easy cleaning of the treated surfaces

Applications of VOLTT 3D 9H

In order to achieve an optimal result with VOLTT 3D 9H we recommend to follow the following instructions:

We strongly recommend wearing nitrile gloves to protect your skin!

  1. Cleaning: The lacquer surface to be sealed must be dry and free from dirt and dust. For the pretreatment and preparation of older paintwork, silicone, oil and wax-free commercial paint cleaners or polishes are suitable.

  2. Processing: Process VOLTT 3D 9H at + 5 ° C to + 25 ° C / humidity <80% / avoid direct sunlight when applying. Drop 5-10 drops of VOLTT 3D 9H onto a fine-mesh applicator pad and spread the material over the surface until no or only very little material residue is visible. Always work in small areas, as otherwise excess may not be removed in time. Any excess must be removed within 5-10 minutes with a VOLTT microfiber cloth. If the time window of 10 minutes is exceeded, the seal is hardened to such an extent that it can only be removed by machine with an abrasive polish.

VOLTT 3D 9H can be layered – additional layers of VOLTT 3D 9H must be applied within 5-10 minutes of applying the previous layer. If this time window is exceeded, another layer will be repelled from the already applied layer.

Drying: The hardening phase is 12 hours at 20 ° C. After this period of time, the coating is weatherproof. The vehicle should not be washed for 72 hours after sealing; after this period of time, the coating is weatherproof. Complete curing is only completed after 7 days.

VOLTT 3D 9H can be hardened thermally (eg with infrared rays). The curing time is 3-4 hours at 50 ° C –  2 hours at 80 ° C

What to watch out for after treatment with a VOLTT coating:

Your vehicle will continue to get dirty – however, it is now much harder for the dirt to adhere and much easier for you to remove. Cleaning the paintwork and the rims with very little cleaner is often enough to remove the dirt. We therefore ask you to take full advantage of the VOLTT sealant in the future, also with regard to the environmental impact of cleaning agents, and to refrain from using large quantities of aggressive cleaning agents or similar.

please note:

  1. From now on, the paint/rims do not need any additional polishes or coatings of any other kind (such as wax, polymer seals, etc.). The seal would be covered by it and the “easy-to-clean” effect would decrease. In addition, polishing would damage or remove the seal.

  2. You should adhere to the following care instructions in order to achieve maximum durability: The vehicle cleaning in car washes should only be done with textile rollers – we generally recommend that you only wash the vehicle by hand with VOLTT care products to avoid micro scratches and other paint damage, which is mainly caused by automatic washing systems caused to avoid. The use of brush systems can lead to permanent damage to the paintwork and the sealant.

If possible, the vehicle should only be cleaned by hand with a high-pressure cleaner with the help of a high-quality washing glove. Do not use wash brushes – these may contain dirt that could damage the paintwork and sealant. After high-pressure washing, we recommend drying the vehicle with a high-quality (microfiber) drying cloth. Rims should not be treated with alkaline or acidic wheel cleaners – acidic and alkaline cleaners dissolve the seal relatively quickly, depending on the pH value.

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