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ZETA 120.7 Bar Hot water high pressure cleaners

ZETA 120.7 Bar Hot water high pressure cleaners

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Hot water high-pressure cleaners 

  • Its including  flow switch and thermostat at 150°C
  • Pump with 3 ceramic pistons, eccentric sha system connecting rods
  • Regulating valve with built-in bypass strong frame in sheet metal painted with epoxy powders
  • High efficiency boiler, with quality steel coil, integrated burner • burner control flow meter
  • Electric control box with ip55 protection
  • 5 lt diesel tank
  • Electric motor with built-in thermal relay, forced cooling with double acting conveyer in aluminium
  • Hose, lance with automatic gun as standard professional accessories
  • Energy efficiency (high efficiency of the boiler and low electricity consumption)
  • Safety and protection of the environment (very low emissions of unburned substances and low operating noise level)
  • Versatile use (adjustments allowed: temperature, pressure, flow rate, detergent use..)
  • Easy maintenance for any component
  • Small dimensions
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