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  • SW15-HOT-FOAM is the ideal machine for cleaning upholstery with a short drying time. It sprays a special dense foam on the surface to be cleaned. After some seconds the dirt is removed by vacuuming foam with the hand tool. Unlike a normal solution of water and detergent, dense foam does not penetrate in the depth of the textile, but acts only on the superficial layer, just where the dirt lies. This allows an excellent cleaning result and a very short drying time.

    The new high water lift technology further improves both cleaning and drying time. The foam humidity degree is adjustable.

    Thanks to a Santoemma patented system, SW15 HOT-FOAM is able to spray a special HOT foam on the surface to be cleaned.

    HOT foam is even more effective than foam at room temperature and allows an even shorter drying time. The foam is instantly heated as soon as the machine is switched on.

    Moreover, all Santoemma dense foam extractors can be equipped with an optional manual tool, allowing you to nebulize a sanitizing chemical in order to completely sanitize the car interior after the cleaning of upholstery. 


    The chemical is nebulized into very small particles (with a diameter of only 50 micron), to avoid over-wetting the surfaces, which remain just a little moist for few minutes. In this way the chemical is able to act for the necessary time to perform its sanitizing action on every point. The car is ready to use immediately after the sanitizing treatment. 

    The sanitizing particles are nebulized into the passenger compartment, saturating it and reaching even the most hard-to-reach places, including the air conditioning ducts.


Main Applications

  • Cleaning of extremely dirty upholstery, inside of cars and any textile surface.


  • The hot foam allows an excellent cleaning result, thanks to the combined effect of chemicals and temperature.
  • Seats get dry in an exceptionally short time: about 15 minutes.
  • The driver can therefore use his car immediately after cleaning.
  • The very short drying time allows for cleaning of cars in those cases when the car owner would not accept waiting for the normal drying time of injection extraction cleaning.
  • SW15 HOT-FOAM will make it possible to perform more frequent cleaning of the inside of cars.
  • The foam extraction system allows the cleaning of many seats in a short time.

Other Technical Advantages

  • High-density polyethylene tanks are very strong and made for lasting a long time.
  • Transparent unbreakable cover, which allows you to see the dirty water while it is sucked.
  • Recovery tank with integrated handle. The tank can be easily detached from the machine body, in order to make the tank emptying and cleaning easier.
  • The filter of the vacuum motor is easily removable for cleaning.
  • The gaskets are replaceable by hand since they are not glued. Easy to clean and change.
  • Strong wheels, in anti-mark rubber.
  • Brass quick-disconnect couplings are reliable and robust.
  • Water pump with bypass, which allows an automatic regulation of the optimal water flow according to the tool used. Moreover, the bypass device makes the pump more reliable and avoids problems over the years.
  • The pump is built on Santoemma specifications, for a longer life.
  • Vacuum motor with thermal protection against overload.
  • Vacuum motor treated against rust.
  • Both motor and pump can work continuously.
  • Modular design that makes maintenance easier. The maintenance of the machine can be done at low costs.

Made in Italy

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